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Grinding Meida Balls manufacturers

Agate ball mill balls
Specifications of Agate Balls
High purity natural Brazilian agate (97.26% SiO2) grinding media balls, highly wear-resistant and resistant to acids (except HF) and solvent, these balls are used whenever small quantity of samples need to be grinded without contamination. Different sizes of agate grinding balls available: 3mm to 20mm. The grinding media balls are extensively applied to in the fields of Ceramics, Electronics, Light Industry, Paint, Ink, Medicine, Food, Geology, Chemical Engineering and so on.
Features of Agate Balls
1.High purity, low contamination to the samples
2. High cost-effective, low wear and long lifetime
3. High specific gravity, high grinding efficiency
4. Highly wear resistant to acid and solvents
5. Highly polished, smooth, easy to clean, low abrasion to the equipment
6. High mechanical strength, good toughness, impact resistance, no broken beads
7. Mainly used for lab planetary ball mill machine
Technical Data of Agate Balls
Productagate balls
Main Materialagate -SiO2
Optional Ball Sizes6/8/10/15/18/20/25/30mm
Density2.65 g/cm3
Colorivory white or gray
Hardness7.2~7.5 Mohs
Abrasion Resistancegood
Compatible Samplessoft to medium-hard samples
Compatible Ball Mill Jarsagate jar/PA jar/PP jar/PU jar/PTFE jar/HDPE jar
Element Analysis of Agate Balls
General Specification
Main MaterialSiO2
Chemical Composition
ElementShare %
Number and Size of the Balls
1.Pregrinding the coarse, hard material with large balls
2. Use of many small balls will increase the fine fraction if the running time is increased
3. A higher mass (spec. weight) of the grinding balls will accelerate the grinding
4. Size of the Grinding Balls
Type of feed materialBall diameter
Hard samples feed particle size <10 mm30 mm or 40 mm
Medium piece size (<5 mm)20 mm
Fine material (0.5 mm)10 mm or 5 mm
Homogenisation of dry or liquid samples10 mm
Homogenisation of viscous samples20 mm
These are just clues: the size of grinding jars and grinding balls should be determined experimentally if necessary.
Choice of Grinding Jars & Balls
In order to prevent excessive abrasion, the hardness of the grinding jars used and of the grinding balls must be higher than that of the material used. Normally, grinding jars and grinding balls of the same material should be chosen.
Grinding Jar Ball Configurations (Agate Balls)
Grinding Jar Volume100ml250ml500ml1000ml
Compatible Ball Weight100g250g500g1000g
Dia5mm Grinding Balls (0.17 g/pc)118 pcs294 pcs589 pcs
Dia10mm Grinding Balls (1.39 g/pc)36 pcs90 pcs180 pcs144 pcs
Dia15mm Grinding Balls (4.68 g/pc)7 pcs16 pcs32 pcs107 pcs
Dia20mm Grinding Balls (11.10 g/pc)
27 pcs
These values are just clues: the number of balls should be determined experimentally if necessary.
Calculated Ball Weight
Ball diameter (mm)51015203040
MaterialDensityCalculated ball weight (g)
Agate2.65 g/cm30.171.394.6811.1037.4688.80
Alumina ceramic3.8 g/cm30.251.996.7215.9253.72127.34
Zirconium oxide6.06 g/cm30.393.1710.7125.3985.67203.07
Stainless steel7.93 g/cm30.524.1514.0033.20112.05265.60
PTFE2.14 g/cm30.141.123.788.9630.2471.68
Tungsten carbide14.95 g/cm30.987.8226.4162.59211.24500.73
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Other Optional Grinding Balls

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