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Refrigerator Truck

Whole Truck
TypeRefrigerator Truck
Curb Weight13400KG
The Optional Equipment:
The Ventilation Slot; The Flexible Clapboard&Slot; The Rail& Hook; The Docking Type Rail&Hook; External Electric Power Supply System; Oxygen Cylinder; Cabinet Warming System,etc.
EngineCummins 10500ML-235KW.
EmissionEuro I Euro II Euro IV Euro V
Cabinet Dimension9480脳2450脳2550(mm)
Cabinet Wall MaterialFRP,Aluminum Alloy,Stainless Steel
Temperature Range-18鈩儈12鈩?/p>
*Remark: This is the standard parameter by us, We also can offer the OEM&Customization service for your requirements.*
The Auman Refrigerator Truck built by Auman Specialized chassis. Widely Used in the Refrigerator transporting industries. The Refrigerator cabinet could be customization by customer require, also could adds different professional equip, efficient&convenient Loads and Unloads.We can offer different design for the various application circumstance by customer requirement.
Package Knowledge Of Refrigerator Truck
Proper packaging is essential to protect the goods.
For the frozen goods, there is no need for a ventilated packing box, and the box for ventilating the side walls for fresh goods. The box must be pressure resistant. Since the frozen cargo is not allowed to blow from the surface, the wind blows over the surface of the frozen cargo, which will cause moisture loss in the cargo, resulting in a decline in the quality of the cargo. This year, our country's development of bulk frozen food is not allowed to sell, it must be packaged sales is the reason. Due to its own characteristics, fresh products are still in a state of breathing during storage and transportation. If they are not well ventilated, the goods will deteriorate. It is therefore necessary to ensure that such goods are well ventilated and ventilated.
After Sales Service
"Hongyu" brand wrecker sold by Hubei Hongyu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to product quality and after-sales service, and solves various problems of customers. Due to our efforts, our company has been rated as five-star after-sales for many years. Service company.Our professional after-sales service team, according to customer requirements, we can provide professional guidance videos to help customers understand and use our products in the shortest time, we develop together with customers to improve the efficiency of product use; In the purchase, we provide detailed parts name and usage list, which is convenient for customers to purchase and solve the worries of customers.Refrigerator Truck