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Cooking Tank factory

Horizontal Direct-Cooking Type Refrigerating TankApplication
The Integral Direct-Cooking type refrigerating tank,hereinafter referred to as the refrigerating tank, is mainly used for freshness maintenance, for example: storage and Cooking of fresh milk in the meadow, small scale milk collection station, dairy processing plant, slaughtering factory, food, feedstuff and medicine etc.
The Cooking tank is mainly composed of stainless steel tank body,blender,refrigerating unit and electric control etc.
The heat preservation layer of the tank is filled by hard foam plastics of low heat conducting coefficient and light weight to achieve a good heat preservation performance.
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Each Cooking Tank shall hold pressure for at least 48 hours
Manual polishing, no dead Angle, more delicate
Protect the tank when foaming
There are steps in the tank to facilitate access
Motor Dust Cover
The Paddle is adjustable
International famous brand of electrical components, each equipped with instructions
Each set of refrigeration tank debugging qualified factory
Motor waterproof packageCooking Tank factory