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Ozone Aging Test Chambers
LIB Ozone test chambers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, ranging in size from 100Ltier to 1000Liter as standard types. Our ozone aging chambers meet test specifications for ASTM D 1149; IEC60811-403; ISO 1431; JIS K6259 and other standard.
◆ Meet CE, CSA and RoHS.
◆ Automatic control and supply ozone gas
◆ Equipped with ozone generator
◆ Temperature from 0℃ to 100℃
◆ Relative humidity from 30%~98%R.H
◆ Ozone concentration can be adjusted from 1 to 1000PPHM
◆ Dynamic sample holder
Ozone Aging Test Chambers
Internal dimensions (mm) 400*500*500600*600*700700*800*9001000*1000*1000
Overall dimensions (mm)860*1050*1620960*1150*18601180*1350*20101500*1550*2110
Diameter of holder (mm)350400600900
Length of each side (mm)150180220460
Temperature range 0℃~100℃
Humidity range 30% - 98%R.H
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Speed rate for coolingEnvironmental conditional ~ 0℃ within 20 min.
Timing range0~999 hours
Ozone concentration1~1000PPHM (Adjusted)
Sample holder rotate speed0~10r/min (adjustable)
Clamps tensile stretch
Max. ozone concentration120gO3/m³
Ozone output3.5gO3/h (oxygen input, flow rate 100L/h)
StandardASTMD 1149; IEC60811-403; ISO 1431; JIS K6259;
Power & voltage:AC380V 50HZ
LIB Environmental is one of the professional and credible manufacturers of climatic and environmental testing chambers in China. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you ozone aging test chambers which has been certified by CE, ASTM and IEC compliance. Now we have high quality ozone aging test chambers for sale, welcome to buy our test chamber at low cost and check the price with our supplier.Gas Corrosion Test Chamber supplier