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alkaline dry cell

1.Performance Parameters:
Model LR6-D9
Voltage Open(V) 1.58~1.65
Dimension(mm) Diameter 13.5-14.5
Height 49.2-50.5
Average Weight(g) 23
Discharge Capacity Daily Period:20O 24h/D 19.7Hrs
Daily Period:500mA 24h/D 54min
Designation IEC&GB(China) LR6
ANSI Number AA
2.Lead/Cd/Mercury/PVC Contents:
Model LR6-D9
2006/66/EC Actual measurement
Lead (%) - Not detected
Cadmium (%) <0.0020 Not detected
Mercury (%) <0.0005 Not detected
PVC - Absent
With high-disperse graphite and ultra-slim steel technology, capacity of D9 ultra-high battery has increased by 10% and high-power performance risen by 30-50%. It is special for high power electric devices.
1.Discharge time comparison of common and ultra-high performance alkaline batteries:
A.under 10O

B.under 1000mAh

2.Discharge curve
A.under 3.9O

B.under 10O

C.under 24O

D.under 43O
alkaline dry cell