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Mineralization Water Filter Cartridges Pricelist

Lanlang In-Line Mineralization Water Filter Cartridges
Lanlang IWC-AMC Alkaline mineral water filter cartridge is formulated with ORP ceramic ball,negative ion ceramic ball, Microporous antibacterial ceramic ball, all natural minerals to naturally enhance and revitalize your water. You can put the bag antioxidant to the filter, it could boost activation and activity in your water as well as essential minerals needed by human bodies. Also it can raise PH value to 7.0-9.0 in the water, which is close to neutral or weak alkaline.
1.In-line Installation Eliminates the Need for Additional Housings
2.Coconut Shell Based Carbon is Ideal for Use as a Post/Polishing Filter
3.Quick Connect style filters connect directly to tubing, eliminating the need for additional fittings
4.Free of Surfactants, Binders, and Adhesives.
● Home Drinking Water
● Point of Use (POU) RO Systems
● Under the Sink/ Under the Counter RO Systems
● Residential RO Pretreatment
● Residential RO Post Treatment
● Coffee Makers
● Appliances
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