Audi S-tronic issue, HELP

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Audi S-tronic issue, HELP

Fellow petrolheads and hopefully engineers haha

I have a Audi TT 2.0 turbo, 2010. Car has like 80k miles on it. But i start to notice a issue with the gearbox.
When i take my foot off the brake when standing still, the car kinda hesitates to move. After that it starts jerking, and is about to stall?

Changing gears is not an issue at all? Everything else seems to work fine.

Excited to be part of this (technical) community


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Re: Audi S-tronic issue, HELP

This is a typical issue caused by a clutch not working properly. So you will have to replace the clutch, or the clamping force is to low in the software. Best to check those two things.

Good luck, and keep us up to date!


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