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silicone finishing agent suppliers

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Product Information
【Product Name】Super fluffy and soft silicone oil RH-NB-8150
【Introduction】Super fluffy and soft silicone oil RH-NB-8150 is a special ternary copolymerization modified block silicone emulsion,Applied for soft and fluffy finishing to cotton,viscose,polyester/cotton,polyester/viscose and its blended fabric,excellent fluffy.
【Advantage】 1. Endow the fabric excellent fluffy and soft feeling. 2. Obvious advantage in softness and fluffy,compared to the similar product. 3. Excellent effect on all kinds of cotton or man-made cotton. 4. No roller-sticky, no cylinder-sticky, no floating oil, demulsification during using process. 5. Can use together with the cationic/non-ionic soft agent,improve the soft performance. 6. Can use together with the traditional amino silicone oil, improve the application performance and resistance to acid and alkali stability. 7.Acid and alkali resistance, resistance to electrolyte, high temperature resistant, high shear resistant. 8.Excellent compatibility,can used together with disperse dye, whitening agent, coating(pH=6.5-7).
【Basic Character】 Appearance:transparent thick liquid Ionic: Weak Cationic PH:7.0-8.0(1% water solution)
【Application】 Cotton,viscose,polyester/cotton and its blended fabric
【Usage amount for reference 】 (1) Dipping Process: RH-NB-8150 diluted emulsion 2-4%(o.w.f) (2) Padding Process: RH-NB-8150 diluted emulsion 20-40g/L
【Package】50kg or 120kg plastic barrel.
【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 moths of storage period.silicone finishing agent suppliers