Maximum power DQ250?

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Maximum power DQ250?

Hi everybody,

For I few years I drive a Golf GTI Mk5 and now I’m ready for some extra power. So I’m planning to tune my car but I was wondering what is the maximum power a DQ250 gearbox can handle?



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Re: Maximum power DQ250?

Good question Tom,

This is important to know if you intent to tune your car! The DQ250 can handle up to 600hp and 650 Nm of torque, with a maximum of 18-19bar clutch pressure.
If you have more questions regarding the DQ250 feel free to ask them.

Regards, Admin


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Re: Maximum power DQ250?

I am going to buy a new car for me but I want some extra power for this and I think maximum power will be a good option for me. Please, guys, recommend me through reviews that what ui should do for this.

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