Post 08 Sep 2020, 08:35

Do you think that they'll address forward?

Its lame a guard same construct as a little forward has better stats in everything.I adored my 6'9 slashing shot creator in NBA 2K21 MT Coins. They didn't even attempt to balance them that they just hit on the nerf button. Only builds that are decent are lockdowns and I don't like them. You can make some nasty 6"7 little forward assembles like I've 2 nasty ones but that is the cap. After 6"7 it is total garbage, everything goes too much up to a point where it ain't worth it.

But if you're 6'7" why not just make it a guard. Bevause most guards are tall. You may earn a shooting guard 6'7 and also receive more badges. Did they ever explain why different positions get amount of badges, sounds rather dumb to me. I suppose they tried to make it taller players do not get a large advantage, which is sort of stupid because their characteristics are confined way lower than shorter players. Yeah but the guards are far more athletic, better dunkers, shooters, defenders with the same graphs. They will need to balance them next year, how do a 6'3 guard be a better dunker than the usual 6'9 sf lol 2K.

I am there with you. I've always loved the flexibility of the SF place as though they got dealt a bad hand and I really feel. The majority feel like variations of this counterpart, although there are a couple SF assembles. I think it boils down to a few things so year that 2K did: Nearly every guard build is flexible as hell this year. Even when you opt for playmaking and protection, you are going to wind up with over serviceable shooting, dunking, defense, ball handling, etc..

Length/size is less valuable this past year. This is probably mainly due to MT for sale 2K21 the core stats limitation for height ( speed, strength, etc ), but size feels just like a fairly weak trade this off year versus speed/agility. Additionally, intimidator appears to fill in where there exist might a dimension mismatch. In my view, it comes down to the fact that the SF place receives a weird gray area between bigs and guards.

They don't quite have the flexibility of a made guard build and the size advantage you get actually doesn't feel like enough to make mismatches that are significant.