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Jerking 0b5

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2019, 13:59
by sa_vroegop
Hi Guys,

I have an 2011 A7 3.0TFSI with a dsg gearbox about 102k miles on the dial .
A couple of weeks ago I had my dsg oil filter cracked open, while driving in a village. So the dsg came to stand without most of it's oil. Car went to a garage and they replaced the filter and filled it again with oil. Ever since I has the feeling it was not shifting 100%.
Not too long ago while driving in a traffic jam, heavy jerking/ shocks (clunking noice) while closing clutch 1, until I got a gearbox malfunction and took it directly to a garage. P17D400 - valve 3 in partial transmission 1 mechanical malfunction.
Had the transmission solenoids re-adapted, now its driving pretty okay again, only giving a smal jerk going from 3->2 and (a larger one) while driving off from standstill.

Any Idees what this could be?

Many thanks in advance!