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Fresh Red Chili Pepper factory

Who are we

Jupiter International Limited is a company for international business. Since 1994, our elder generation was engaged in import and export, including mechanical industry and pharmaceutical industry.
Jupiter focus on food-related business, our main product are frozen vegetables and frozen fish. With the industrial development, organic products are now one of our main series.
Different with others, customer service is another advantage for us. We are proud that most of our customers are well-known brands and retailer, according to their special need, we also provide solutions and assistance to these high-class clients, searching appropriate products, manufacturers and potential business opportunities in China.
Factory and Farm Base
Our factories and products are fully qualified with below standard:

Our factories are top producer in each industry:
For frozen vegetables, we owned appr.1333 ha non-organic raw material base and 600 ha organic base, production capacity around 30,000 tons.
Frozen fish factories is top 3 producer, production capacity is around 30,000 tons.
Quality Control and Product RD
Factories and us pay highly attention on quality control for each product. Besides to work with professional 3rd inspection party,we also have a perfect and independent self-audit system. Control the raw material quality from the seed, established traceability record from beginning.

Our RD team have rich experience to help customer developping their unique recipe which suitable for each final market.
Our Mission
Jupiter believed follow principle of “Fair Trade” spirits, bring advanced quality control method and food safety system to Chinese suppliers, introduce qualified Chinese manufacturer to the world.Fresh Red Chili Pepper factory