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What is a DSG transmission?

A DSG is a electro hydraulic controlled dual-clutch gearbox. Simple said a DSG gearbox is consists of two separate gearboxes and clutches contained within one housing, and working as one unit.
One transmission provides odd-numbered speeds (first, third, fifth and seventh gear (optional)), the other provides even-numbered speeds (second, fourth and sixth gear).

When the car starts out, the odd gearbox is in first gear and the even gearbox is in second gear. The clutch engages the odd gearbox and the car starts out in first gear.
When it's time to change gears, the transmission simply uses the clutches to switch from the odd gearbox to the even gearbox, for a near-instant change to second gear. The odd gearbox immediately pre-selects third gear. At the next change, the transmission swaps gearboxes again, engaging third gear, and the even gearbox pre-selects fourth gear. The twin-clutch transmission's computerized controller calculates the next likely gear change based on speed and driver behaviour and has the gearbox that is not in use at that moment pre-select that next gear.

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I also added some drawings to make it more visual.
Hope you guys find it useful.
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