Post 11 Jan 2022, 09:17

Clubhouse is now available via the browser

Since the debut of the social network Clubhouse in 2020, users have always been required to use a mobile app to interact with the platform. This is about to change, and people will be able to connect to Clubhouse rooms using a browser without having to register on the platform.

But for some reason you will only be able to listen and not talk via the browser of Clubhouse, if you want to be part of the discussions you still have to download the app on Android or iOS.

As confirmed by the company on Twitter (via Engadget), Clubhouse is testing a new sharing option that will let users share a live room not only with other Clubhouse users, but also with users on other social networks.

As explained by Clubhouse: “Now when you tap the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of a room (or Replay); you’ll see three options. Share on Clubhouse, share via social network, or copy the link to share via a messaging app. If you select Share on Clubhouse; you will be able to add a comment and then share it with your followers. They will see this room in their hallway; and if the room is live, will also be notified that you have shared it; so they can come join you.

While this is definitely important in helping the platform become more popular, it may be too late for Clubhouse as it has been losing ground to competitors like Twitter Spaces – which has been available on iOS, Android, and the web for a while now.

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